Friday, January 27, As You Like It and Public Works present a special showcase for two important labels in American contemporary electronic music. Co-founders Sam Valenti IV and Matthew Dear started Ann Arbor-based Ghostly International along with sister label, Spectral Sound, respectively, in 1999. In addition to releasing some of the most innovative productions in experimental pop and dance music, a number of visual artists round out the team for a streamlined package of modern digital culture from the perspective of art and artifice.

For this showcase, As You Like It selected roster members Ryan Crosson, Osborne, and Solvent. Each artist’s work slides on the scale between pop and dance music, representing what the labels have to offer while allowing their own personalities to shine through. Ryan Crosson, as the most recent addition of the three, has a solid sense of taste, specializing in minimal tech-house with an eclectic edge for sophisticated club sets (a sample of which can be heard from his live PA at Fabric here). Meanwhile, Osborne and Solvent have held their ground for a while now as machine-minded producers, making synth-laden tunes that glitter with undertones of 80s nostalgia.

But it’s no use trying to peg the artists in simple style terms. Osborne is known for taking his techno everywhere as he touches on dub, acid and everything in between. Solvent, on the other hand, has typically had his productions described as “happy robot music.” As playful as his music is, Solvent also draws on darkwave and industrial, which will likely be detectable during his live set.

The Oddjob loft will be open with a disco set from Jacques Renault of DFA and support from As You Like It residents Rich Korach (doing a special set with Eric Johnsten) and Brian Bejarano, as well as Conor from No Way Back. The main floor will also include an opening set from Mossmoss.

As You Like It brings Ghostly Meets Spectral Sound to Public Works Friday, January 27 at 9pm. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here.