This Friday, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein hit the Mezzanine and lead off the new year with some major French club music, courtesy of Bromance Records. We have tickets and limited-edition swag for several lucky winners.

Brodinski and Gesaffelstein met at the world famous Paris Social Club and formed Bromance Records last year. They’re on an international tour in celebration of the release of their first joint EP, Bromance #1.

Gesaffelstein’s sound is a blend of empty techno with minimal house effects, creating a hauntingly beautiful effect. Drawing largely on original composition, his ability to transform a dance floor into madness has been labeled unparalleled.

Brodinki’s sound is another great example of a Frenchmen distorting the traditional techno-house model until it becomes his own abstract creation—a much more sophisticated take on techno relying on heavy synths and a hard bass line.

Enter to win tickets, a limited-edition T-Shirt and Tote Bag or a Bromance CD. Winners will be notified Thursday, January 12.

Below are a couple tracks from the Bromance #1 EP