American Eatery sign

The Ferry Building has added another tasty option for busy Financial District lunch-goers. Prather Ranch Meat Co. and Chef Erica Holland-Toll present American Eatery, a meat-centric restaurant open for not just lunch, but breakfast and dinner too.American Eatery Rare Roast Beef Sandwich

Located next door to the Prather Ranch Meat Co. retail store, the takeout-style restaurant features a menu of humanely raised meat products such as burgers, ribs and sausages, plus salads, soups, stews and more. American Eatery also has a wide variety of pickled vegetables that are a specialty of Chef Holland-Toll and are incorporated throughout the menu.

Visit the Prather Ranch Meat Co. website to check out American Eatery’s menu and learn more about Chef Holland-Toll.


American Eatery

1 Ferry Building, #33, San Francisco; Tel. 415.391.0420

Open Monday through Saturday, 7am to 7pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm



Photos taken by Yuri Krasov