Teenage wunderkind quartet The She’s released “Jimmy” this week, a new track from their debut Then It Starts to Feel Like Summer, which drops November 29.

Their band interests on Facebook are pretty standard for high school girls: “sushi, pesto pizza, root beer and boys.” But while the rest of us probably spent our formative years thinking wouldn’t it be nice if we were older, this band already has a leg up on plenty of the older kids in this town. They’re chummy with locals AB & the Sea, they’ve opened for Girls at the Fillmore, and last year they released the Surfer Boy EP.

“Jimmy” takes it back to the days of 60’s girl groups with oohs, 3-part harmonies and handclaps galore. It’s got that sunny-but-sad retro thing going on, too, with lyrics like “why am i so down/even though you are around?”

Listen HERE

The She’s play Bottom of the Hill on December 3 with Tijuana Partners and Melted Toys.