This week, 3 new 3-d exhibits open at Cain Schulte Contemporary Art, the Fleet Room and Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art.

This Wednesday, Rebecca Lowry‘s new solo show, Afterthoughts, opens Cain Schulte Contemporary Art. Lowry uses materials like printed maps, silk, cassette tapes and twine (reformed and often combined with subtle text), to make create delicate and thoughtful pieces of visual poetry.

Join Jud Bergeron, Albert Dicruttalo and Wayne Shaffer this Friday, at the opening reception of their new show, Castigation, at Mark Wolf Contemporary Art. Castigation is the result of a decade-long conversation among the three artists. The curious sculptures are the combination of steel, bronze, ceramic and wood — separately, each piece speaks to uncertainly, and as a whole, the exhibit contains a strange of balance.

This weekend, The San Francisco Tribal Art Dealers’ Association presents Tribal SF 2011 at Fort Mason. The exhibit brings together a historic, high-quality collection of sculptures, masks, ceramics, textiles and jewelry from Oceania, Africa, The Americas and Tribal Asia.