The end is near for the 2011 Major League Baseball season and while most San Francisco Giants fan will be plenty disappointed with the results, you can’t tell by attendance numbers this year.

The team officially set a new record for attendance on Monday night. An official total won’t be known until Wednesday’s season finale. The previous high was 3,277,244 set in 2001.

Obviously, much of the record can be attributed to last year’s amazing World Series run and the excitement over trying to defend the title. But despite several huge injuries, the team also kept in contention until the final weeks of the season.

In a thank you letter to fans on the team’s website, manager Bruce Bochy said “I look up at that sea of orange-and-black — at the Panda and Baby Giraffe hats, the beards, the Timmy wigs, the scarves and towels, the poster board signs that say “Believe!” – and feel as if no one can beat us. The incredible energy generated from 41,000 stomping, cheering, passionate Giants fans is like having a tenth man on the field.”

The team broke 3.3 million in attendance this year.



Photo Credit: Coasttocoast, via Wikimedia Commons