Catch the smoothest sensations in house music at Public Works this Friday with yet another monster bill featuring dOP live, Deniz Kurtel, Chateau Flight, Thugfucker, PillowTalk, Solar and Nikola Baytala. This well-rounded line up of eclectic acts will keep you going well into the morning, so mark your calendars and read on for more information on the artists.


dOP is a French house act comprised of Clement Zemstov, Damien Vandesande, and Jonathan Illel. As long time friends, the three have previously banded for other projects, so it came as no surprise that the trio effortlessly started producing edgy, organic dance music. They released remixes and EPs on labels such as Circus Company, Milnor Modern, and Einmaleins, to name a few. Just last year, they came out with their first LP, Greatest Hits, which touched on a variety of styles, including jazz and swing. Illel’s soulful vocals add an extra oomph to the general orchestral quality of the songs. With notable traces of drama and humor, dOP tells stories through electronic dance music best heard live.

Chateau Flight

Gilbert Cohen, half of Chateau Flight, strengthened his career as a DJ when he moved to Paris from southern France. There, he became involved with a radio station known as Radio Nova, which featured an eclectic mix of dance, pop and world music.   In fact, he claims that his partner Nicolas Chaix, aka I:Cube, was first introduced to techno mixes through this station. Starting off with an ear for hip hop, he didn’t open up to house music until he visited New York in 1992 when he was exposed to garage-style house a lá Paradise Garage. Then in 1996, Cohen created a record label he named Versatile, with the first release being I:Cube’s “Disco Cubizm.” In 1997, the pair created their project Chateau Flight. Through this, they have released a number remixes and albums on Versatile, and have always kept their options open for an adaptation of dance music all their own.

Deniz Kurtel

You may remember Deniz Kurtel from her appearance at the As You Like It party headlined by dub techno, post-dubstep innovator Paul Rose aka Scuba aka SCB. Fortunately for us, she is coming back to Public Works to complement the other acts on this bill for a forward-thinking party. In fact, Kurtel knows about the whole package of partying, what with her artistic accomplishments creating experimental visual installations using LEDs and mirrors. She is also a classically trained pianist who eventually got drawn into making house music, partly due to encouragement from the Wolf + Lamb crew. Now she’s ready to grace us once again with her take on deep, smooth house.


Thugfucker are New York based Greg Oreck and Holmar Filipsson. Both borrow from styles of American and European dance music, as each is an American and European respectively and have experienced both cultures for a period of time. DJing didn’t come to them as any sort of initial life goal, but after spending some time at underground parties and getting to know good crowds, they rethought their career plans. Once they met, they quickly formed a partnership and found that their true calling is to throw bitchin’ parties.


dOP, Chateau Flight, Deniz Kurtel, Thugfucker, PillowTalk, Solar and Nikola Baytala play this Friday at 10pm at Public Works. Tickets are $20 – $25.