The lovely sounding Toro y Moi, headed by Chazwick Bundick, has been hard at work since entering the music scene in 2010 with his debut album Causers of This, and  his sophomore album Underneath Pine in February of this year.

In between hitting the festival circuit hard this summer, Bundick has just finished up his 2nd project of the year, a five-track EP titled Freaking Out, which displays a huge leap forward in musical inspiration.

On Freaking Out, Chazwick highlights his incredible ear for melodies, which he plays on various electric instruments, as his voice perfectly complements the energy of the music. Chazwick, who has a live band on the road but still chooses to recorded his music solo from his home studio, shines on tracks like “Saturday Love” and “All Alone” as he uses light, poppy, soul and R&B background to highlight his lyrics; giving his music more layers than this previous releases.

Chazwick accredits to his growth as an artist to the quickly evolving music world around him; going from creating albums to listen to in his headphones to playing festivals in Europe with a live band he wanted his music style to evolve before his sound could be thrown into a box. In this sense, and as a music project in general, this offering is a huge success that will only propel Toro y Moi to new heights.

Using the success of Underneath the Pine, Chazwick has launched into an international tour which will take him all over North America, into South America and the UK. The tour brings Toro y Moi into the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on October 1st and 2nd. Tickets are still available for both days.