September 17 through September 21 San Francisco’s Castro Theater will be showing the US premier of acclaimed Israeli director Eytan Fox’s new film Mary Lou.

Based on the songs of Israeli pop legend Svika Pick, the film follows Meir as he searches for his Mother after she abandoned him to become a famous singer like her idol, Svika Pick (who makes a cameo appearance). Settling in Tel Aviv and becoming a renowned drag queen named Mary Lou, he becomes a part of a tight-knit gay community that helps him realize he needs to find himself as much as he does his mother. It’s a touching story that doubles as a musical in the Mama Mia vein, but with a heartwarming story of self-discovery at it’s core.

Director Eytan Fox has already established himself as an award winning director with the films The Bubble, Walk on Water and Yossi & Jagger. Premiering his new film in San Francisco is a definite honor and there’s no better theater for Mary Lou than the city’s famed Castro Theater. With it’s beautiful murals, sparkling chandelier and atmosphere for audience participation, you can count on a great time.


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