If you have yet to be won over by the stark, simple and sublime beauty of Lia Ices, here is your chance. Have a look at the video for “Love Is Won” off of her sophomore release Grown Unknown (Jagjaguwar).

Born and raised in Connecticut and encouraged to play piano at a very early age, Lia Ices performs with such an ease it is almost as though playing and singing is as second nature as breathing. This is apparent throughout Grown Unknown and even more so on stage. Ices plays with space as much as she does with notes in such a way that the room left open allows your mind to wholly submit to the sound and relate to the passage without feeling overwhelmed, crowded or directed.

This is obvious in the first track off the record “Love Is Won” that is featured in the video below. It was shot on Super 8 film in Rome and was directed by Christin Turner in collaboration with Lia Ices. By far my favorite song off of the album, the video a very accurate reflection of the movement of the track. “Love Is Won” is quite lovely both to listen to and watch. Enjoy.


Lia Ices is currently on tour in the US and UK and will be on the west coast in December providing support for The Sea and Cake.

Photo Credit: Marcelo Gomes