This week, Photobooth opens in the Mission while the big summer shows come to a close — don’t miss out on either. 

Photobooth, a hip, new Mission gallery, is throwing their grand opening bash tonight, with live tintype and Polaroid portraits by owners Michael Shindler and Vince Donovan. More festivities include: drinks by Haamonii, eats by Lenga Lenga, music by Needles and, of course, featured art by Jenny Sampson, Chloe Aftel, and Christina Zonga.

Later this week, it’s last call for seeing those summer shows. Galleries are making way for their September spectacles, so, if you haven’t already, we recommend checking out Kokoro’s Summer Group Show, Illusions of Grandeur at 111 Minna, and Pieces-of-You-Topia at The Lab.