Tomorrow marks the beginning of the San Francisco Improv Festival at The Eureka Theater from August 18th through the 27th. The two-week event will feature some of the best Bay Area improvisational actors and groups including internationally-known BATS Improv, Crisis Hopkins and The Super Dupers, a musically-charged keen on lots of audience participation.

In addition to a slew of shows with an exhaustive list of lesser known performers, a few recognizable names pop up on the roster like SNL’s former funnyman Tim Meadows and television personality Dave Holmes. There will also be a series of workshops designed to help actors of all stripes improve their improv skills including “Listen and Repeat”, “The Art of Mimicry” and “Follow Your Body: Full Body Improv with Zoe Galvez.”

Check out the SF Improv Fest site for more details including how to get your last-minute tickets.