SF Sketchfest Summer Nights 2011

From August 17 through August 27 SF Sketchfest presents its Summer Nights program across San Francisco, doing what it does best—making people laugh.

Highlights for this year’s SF Sketchfest Summer Nights include:

Reggie Watts: An Evening of Comedy and Music (August 17 @ The Independent):  If you don’t recognize the name Reggie Watts, you will soon. Opening for Conan O’Brien on his most recent tour, Watts fuses comedy and music like nobody else. His stage show finds him creating his songs from scratch each night, making each performance completely original and unforgettable.

Henson Alternative: Stuffed and Unstrung (August 18-27 @ Curran Theatre): These aren’t just any uncensored puppets, these are uncensored Henson Puppets. Brian Henson and Patrick Bustow put this show together, featuring the Jim Henson Company puppeteers. It is essentially a sketch comedy show with puppets instead of humans. Audience participation is essential to creating new and unique skits each night.

Night of the Shorts II: Electric Riffaloo (August 20 @ The Castro Theatre): Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s own Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett are back. Riffing on the worst of the worst short films, they’re joined by special guests Bob Odenkirk, Chris Hardwick, Andy Richter, Cole Stratton, Janet Varney and Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage. With a collection of such comedy heavyweights this looks to be the “it” event of the summer. Plus, any excuse to hang out at The Castro Theatre is enough reason to check it out.

See the full schedule at the SF Sketfest website.

SF Sketchfest’s Website

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