Opening up for The Twelves this Friday at Mighty, local DJ White Mike shares exclusively with SF Station a mix that is the perfect disco prequel to what The Twelves will have in store for their performance. With artists ranging from Fever Ray to Rye Rye, this energetic mix is full of familiar favorites alongside some current dancefloor heat, the combination of which will have you longing for disco balls and tight pastel pants. See what he had to say about this mix below.

“I’ve always been a fan of indie rock and indie dance music, and I’ve also been happy to see the disco revival that has been happening in the past few years. I feel like The Twelves bridge these two genres perfectly and I’m excited to play with them again. I put together this mix as a preview of the style that I intend to put on display at this Friday’s show.”

Like what you hear? You can download this mix for free here.