Chef Ryan Scott is everywhere these days, juggling several different businesses. He’s got a wildly popular food truck (3-Sum Eats), a catering business (Ryan Scott 2 Go) and starting last month, he began brunch service at Bruno’s in the Mission District, where he uses the kitchen for his businesses.

Bruno’s is a landmark institution and Scott said that played perfectly into his ideas for brunch. “It’s funky and unique but works really well for what we want to do with Brunch Drunk Love,” he said. “I always say we’re not trying to put lipstick on a pig (but no one can deny the greatness of tiger-print carpet).”

Duck Hash

The menu features a lot of items that may look familiar, but with Scott’s added unique twist. “For example, I wanted to feature a hash dish on my menu. So instead of the standard corned beef hash, Brunch Drunk Love has duck hash cakes using the duck confit we make in-house. The poached eggs are glazed in our hollandaise sauce and then we top the dish with some summer succotash and salsa verde for brightness and acidity to cut through the richness of the duck hash cakes and poached eggs and really bring the dish together,” he said. The use of different, fresh ingredients and the incredibly vivid flavors of each dish made everything appealing. Other standouts include the sticky brioche buns (unreal salted caramel sauce), housemade breads, small bites like deviled eggs and mac and cheese spring rolls, a bevy of egg dishes (scramble, benedict, green eggs and ham), pancakes and a number of lunch items (included a vegetarian-friendly portobello mushroom burger).

Mission Mary

Not only is the menu filled with hearty goodness, but the cocktail program for brunch is starting to evolve as well. Kevin Dowell, formerly of Zero Zero, and Tina Brandelli, formerly with Alembic, are heading the bar. Dowell said that they are still trying to work out the kinks, but the menu is already very inventive. The Mission Mary was one of the most unique takes on a bloody mary I have ever had. Ingredients included bacon, serrano peppers and cilantro. What made it unique; you could taste a completely different flavor with each sip. And plenty of vodka to boot!

The atmosphere may not be for everyone, as it is somewhat quirky. But I think the uniqueness makes it even more charming, though having killer food and drinks doesn’t hurt the cause. Scott said he prefers to have a hands-on approach with all of his businesses so opening on just Saturdays and Sundays for brunch works perfectly right now. As for the future for the former Top Chef participant? “It’s really hard for me to look even to the next five months right now, but I definitely want to expand the businesses,” he said “I’d say by the end of 2012, expect a few more trucks and possibly a new restaurant.” At the rate he is going, expect whatever he does to be a pretty big hit with the San Francisco food crowd.

Brunch Drunk Love is held at Bruno’s, 2389 Mission Street in San Francisco. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10-4.