Get ready to fill your pint glass with one of American craft brewers’ favorites, because today is National IPA Day! Think of it as an echo of last month’s Independence Day and support your local breweries. For this occasion I picked up a bottle of Dust Bowl Brewing Company’s Hops of Wrath.

Hops of Wrath pours a golden-reddish hue and leaves wisps of lace around the glass as the eggshell head dissipates. Grass and citrus are the prominent scents in the nose, with the first sip revealing bitter hops. The bitterness is just about as wrathful as this beer gets, with the malt backbone adding sweetness to balance. Grapefruit and orange give this beer a sweet, zesty flavor along with tangy hops. This IPA lacks complexity, but the solid flavoring contributes to the overall smooth drinkability of the beer with its medium mouth feel and carbonation to match. Drink this with snacks like aged Jack and cheddar cheeses or for a fuller a meal, try it with barbecue chicken.

In the end, I didn’t find this beer to be too impressive, although I liked that it got sweeter as it warmed up. Although I’d drink this beer again I’d probably reach for a different IPA before I decide to go for this one.



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