Tonight only, Heart (1270 Valencia Street) in the Mission is offering an entire menu of poutine. This infamous dish of savory, fatty cheese-fries will be prepared in 4 delicious variations, each with their own wine or beer pairing.

Poutine was invented years ago in Quebec, when some incredibly ingenious Canuck came up with the idea of smothering french fried potatoes in copious quantities of cheese curds and brown gravy. This man–although legendary by my standards–must not have lived a very long life. So it’s only fitting that a restaurant known as Heart would be offering this northern speciality which is every bit as tasty as it is notoriously horrible for your arteries. But hey, that’s why the poutine menu is available for one night only–as a special occasion.

If you have yet to try this French-Canadian delicacy, you certainly owe it to yourself to head out to the mission tonight and chow down on any number of hearty plates that range in price between $7 to 12$. I am particularly enticed by the pork belly poutine featuring king trumpet mushrooms, green onions and pork & bacon broth.

There’s even an offering for vegetarians that includes okra, and green chili chutney enhanced by a house paneer.

Check out Heart’s homepage for more info on this special event.