It’s been a busy week in The Richmond. There have been stabbings, muggings and even a dog fight. And, no, we’re not getting the neighborhood mixed up with The Mission. Here are the top stories…

…This week:

* Dog Fight Between Neighborhood Pet Stores and PETCO Hits City Hall…It’s David vs. Goliath. A coalition of small, independent pet stores are battling against mega-chain Petco’s plan to open a store on Geary at 18th Ave. For more, go here.

* Shark Sighting by Surfer at Ocean Beach…Watch out! A shark was sighted swimming around Ocean Beach last Wednesday. For more, go here.

* British Independent Film Festival at the Balboa, July 29 – August 4…This weekend both cinephiles and anglophiles can rejoice as the BIFF brings six new indie films from over the Atlantic. The trailer looks super cool. For more, go here.

Photo credit: Richmond SF blog