With so many things being said about Odd Future these days, it was refreshing to get a chance to see them up close and personal.

With a sold out Regency full of kids, music bloggers and music fans ready to experience the hype; all of us eagerly anticipating  the chance to see the hottest show in music right now, along with the ability to judge for ourselves if these kids from L.A. are deserving of their sudden and explosive rise to fame.

It only took the group’s DJ, Syd the Kid, and a couple Waka Flaka songs to get the Wolf Gang faithful hype, and with no introduction, Hogdy and Left Brain came out to the their thumping single “64.” Hogdy’s mic could have been turned up a little, as his voice was drowned out by Left Brain’s production throughout the night, but his energy was something else entirely.

Tyler, the Creator was the next member to emerge on stage to thunderous “Wolf Gang” chants. He’s still recovering from a broken foot so he brought a stool on stage where he sat as close as he could to the edge of the stage.

Tyler’s performance started with a couple songs off Goblin, and the crowd went nuts. It only took a few bars for him to hit his stride and rally the loyal fan base. He’s composed and enjoys himself on stage, as his music invites his fans to literally lose all control. A large mosh pits formed two songs into Tyler’s set creating an energy I’ve never experienced at a rap show.

With Odd Future members Frank Ocean and Domo Genesis not in attendance, the group turned to its most underrated member Mike G. He’s the most traditional rapper of the crew, with a consistently clean and slow flow that takes full advantage of the beats he uses. His performance showcased  his lyrical talent and stage composure as the  rapper gave the crowd energy and something to nod there heads to.

The show ended with what you could call the group’s theme song: “Radicals.” Most of audience—a majority of which were teenagers—sang along with the chorus: “Kill people. Burn sh*t, F*ck school.”

At the end of the night, the hype held true. Odd Future rocked the Regency Ballroom and brought what will be one of the highlights of the summer concert season. It was more than hip hop and often felt more like a rowdy punk or metal show. Whatever you call them, they put on a hell of a show.