Add this to the granola/hippie file: Jails in San Francisco County offer vegan meals for their vegan prisoners (what’s their motto? cruelty to humans not to animals?). Make that three (vegan) hots and a cot, please!

The SF Weekly reports that, “According to Eileen Hirst, chief of staff at the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, S.F. County jails didn’t always have vegan meals. “In the mid-’90s, the organization PETA was demonstrating outside Neiman Marcus,” she tells SF Weekly. “A large group was arrested, and they asked for vegan meals.” Sheriff Michael Hennessey looked into getting vegan meals for the PETA protesters, and found that it could be easily done.”

Wow. I didn’t know our jails were so…accommodating. The piece goes on to say that very few other jails in the country offer something similar. But prisons in the UK go above and beyond just providing meals free of animal products; they also offer down-free pillows, non-wool blankets, etc.

When’s the next PETA protest in the UK?

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Photo credit: Remcrae’s Blog