Just when I thought I couldn’t love Hayes Street any more, I was proved wrong. I lunched at the Grove a few days ago and walked past a restaurant under construction. After peering a bit closer, I saw signs that said, “Lers Ros Thai, coming soon!”


For those of you unfamiliar with Lers Ros, it’s a T-loin spot that’s home to some of the most delicious Thai food in the city. In addition to dishing up crave-worthy curry, they also keep their doors open ’til midnight and offer free delivery. (All now in my ’hood, ahh!)

Of the many things I’ve indulged in on their spicy and scrumptious menu, some of the more unique and surprisingly mouth-watering bites have been the raw prawns marinated in lime with chili and mint leaves—spicy, sweet, and succulently delicious. The sliced pork shoulder appetizer served with a tangy dipping sauce is also some of the best pork I’ve ever tasted. From the classics like curry and pad thai, to the roasted rabbit (seriously), I’ve never had a not-yummy bite at Lers Ros.

While I haven’t been able to get conclusive information on the official opening date, they should be open sometime mid summer. Stay tuned for the grand opening 411, I plan to be there day one.

If the new joint is anything like the old joint (and I’m pretty sure it will be) I think my culinary traipsing of the city will no longer need to go beyond Market and Van Ness.

In conclusion, Lers Ros coming soon: 307 Hayes Street . . . keep your eyes and belly open.

Image courtesy of stu_spivack, flickr.