Just in time for summer, CSS is back with a brand new tropical synth-pop jam.

You’ll have to donate your email address to the band for access to “Hits Me Like A Rock,” the first single off the band’s new album La Liberación, but we think it’s a worthy trade quick escape with Sao Paulo’s finest. Details on the track from vocalist Lovefoxx:

“‘Hits Me Like A Rock’ is a song about another song. It’s about the power of music to date our lives. You know when you listen to a song over and over again over a certain period of time and later, for a while, you simply forget that song ever existed … but then when ‘shuffle’ [chooses] to use its power and bring back that song to you, you listen to it again and everything you’ve felt hits you ever so strong and the music becomes physical.”

…Maybe just have listen. The download is available HERE.