The Uptown Almanac reports that the La Cocina-incubated Chaac-Mool food truck has officially set up shop in Dolores Park (though it’s not actually on any green space). Should we be expecting a vomit-in soon? Mass NIMBY riots?

The Almanac also points out that the Department of Recreation and Park hasn’t exactly kept their word about the exact location of the food truck, as its supposed permanent location by the playground is under construction and they’ve had to play with the placement a bit. The dept. said the truck would be in one place and then it was plopped down in another spot.

I say – who cares? I think the location is fine. It’s not on grass, it’s out of the way and it’s accessible to any park-goers who are hungry and want their grub.

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Photo credit: Dolores Park Works/via Uptown Almanac