Growing up, we didn’t order in food very much unless it was a birthday and we had pizza delivered. Even in college, I don’t recall having anything delivered sans pizza. But somehow, living in San Francisco, I find myself choosing delivery more often than ever. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a car and getting to restaurants outside my neighborhood involves a Muni ride, or maybe it’s because I found GrubHub.

GrubHub is a free service that allows you to place orders online at thousands of restaurants in San Francisco and several other major US cities. Once you’ve logged into the site, you enter your address and optionally select a type of cuisine. Then GrubHub shows you a list of restaurants that will deliver to your location. Once you’ve picked a restaurant, you can see the entire menu with item descriptions. Every item can be customized in the “special instructions” area. Black beans in your burrito instead of rice? No onions on that sandwich? Easy.

My favorite thing about GrubHub is that many restaurants offer specials that you can qualify for depending on the size of your order. For example, once you spend $30 at Shiso Restaurant, you can get a free Spicy Tuna Roll, Rock’N’Roll, California Roll or house salad. To see restaurants that feature specials, select “offers coupons” in the search area.

The site includes several popular restaurants such as Beautifull, Sausage Factory, Clay Oven and Sudachi. GrubHub has no fees and delivery is free from many restaurants with a minimal order.




Photo credit: GrubHub