It’s that time of the week again and this time I picked up the seasonal beer from Deschutes Brewery. Twilight Ale gets the job done in a really refreshing manner.

This beer has a beautiful tawny color with a soft, eggshell-tinged hea with a scent that comes off as lightly hoppy, grainy and slightly sweet, making for an overall a refreshing combination. The hops provide some bitterness and a floral flavor that dissipates in the wateriness of this beer. This isn’t so bad for a summer beer though, as the light mouth feel is pretty refreshing especially with its tingling effervescence. There’s a slight sweetness to it, but the malt presence isn’t strong in the least. Take a six pack of this along to your barbecue so you can sling back a few while you eat some bratwurst or pulled pork sandwiches.

I wouldn’t grab this beer if I were in the mood for stronger malt or hop flavors. There is nothing particularly extraordinary about it, but it’s definitely appropriately light and fresh for the season.