Working from home is lonely, smelly, and downright sucky. As a work-from-home-er, I sometimes spend the entire day in my pjs watching TiVoed episodes of Oprah on mute as I type. Other days, like this past Tuesday, I say eff it, and meet my fellow 9-5 poo-pooers for lunch.

This particular Tuesday I met my friends around 2pm and we all happened to be in the mood for breakfast. After looking up a few different eatery options, I quickly learned that a) many cool spots don’t open before 5pm and b) breakfast service stops around 11am. Dejected, hungry, and about to resort to Eggos, we were moments away from throwing in our egg and pancake towel. Suddenly, it struck me like a bolt of lightening—Kate’s Kitchen.

Kate’s Kitchen is a Lower Haight institution that serves breakfast all day long. Not only do they serve breakfast, they serve delicious, greasy, hangover-curing, bacon- and sausage-filled breakfast. While the weekend wait can be an hour or more, when we walked in that fateful Tuesday afternoon, we were greeted with a group of truckers, some high-school lovebirds, and plenty of free tables.

Feeling rather hungry, I ordered the Big Guys Breakfast (I’m a 5’1″ girl, I know; don’t judge) for just $9 bones. I was served a plate of two sweet, mouth-watering pumpkin pancakes complete with a scoop of butter, two perfectly fried eggs, crispy bacon, savory sausage, and hearty homefries. While I could lie to you and say I finished every last bite, I didn’t, but I did get impressively close. One of my fellow diners ordered the Flanched Farney Carney, two flipped sunny-side eggs with cheddar cheese served on a warm bun with a side of homefries and two sausage patties—an equally delicious and generous choice for only $7.50.

Morale of the story, while Oprah might be my only workday friend, I also get to stuff my face at Kate’s Kitchen without an hour-long wait. Maybe working from home isn’t so bad after all.

Kate’s Kitchen; 471 Haight Street; 415-626-3984

Image courtesy of Randy Stewart at flickr. (cc)