Avid San Francisco Giants fan and Bay Area paramedic Bryan Stow, who was assaulted outside Dodgers Stadium after the season opener in late March, could be transferred back to the Bay Area as soon as next week.

Stow, a Santa Clara County paramedic, has been in a coma since the March 31 attack. Doctors at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center said that if he continues to show stable vital signs and the results of his MRI show there is no buildup of fluid or swelling in his brain, he will be transported to the University of California at San Francisco.

Hospital officials said Stow remains comatose and unresponsive.

Stow was at the home opener at Dodgers Stadium with a group of friends when police said two men wearing Dodgers clothing taunted him, then attacked him from behind.

Police have not arrested anyone for the attack, but just this week, hundreds of billboards have gone up in Los Angeles with police sketches of the two suspects.

The billboards, donated by the Lamar Advertising Co., say “Wanted: Attempted Murder at Dodger Stadium” and mention the $100,000 reward being offered to help find the suspects.

The company is planning to put 300 billboards up around the Los Angeles area.

Photo Credit: www.support4bryanstow.com