If you’re looking for the definition of the new-school rapper, then you’re going to fall in love with this kid. One half the prolific directors of The Cool Kids, Sir Michael Rocks is one of the best lyrical rappers out.And after missing The Cool Kids at Coachella in 2009, I’ve been impatiently anticipating their upcoming album When Fish Ride Bicycles since they announced it in 2008. This team has dropped a few exceptional mixtapes along the way — Gone Fishing (2009) and Tacklebox (2010) — and appear to finally be ready to drop their studio album sometime this summer.

[audio:/files/2011/05/01-Hate-Me-Too-Feat.-Sir-Charles.mp3] “Hate Me Too Featuring Sir Charles (Chuck Inglish)”

But this post is about Sir Michael’s first attempt at his solo career, a loaded 25-track project full of original production. His flow is effortless on “Sunshine,” where he spits “Don’t be afarid of what you don’t now/ ignorance is the true enemy of wisdom”; and on his inspired and hyped flow on Ground Up, “There’s money at the front door/ should I invite him in? Ya, just let him chill get him a glass a water. Tell him that i’m his biggest fan/ number one supporter”. In Reach, a classic in an out with just one verse, Mikey flexes his maturity elaborating some things he’s discovered after succeeding in the music industry over the past 3 years. “If you want dollars don’t follow the safe route/ chances make champions”. He keeps your ears happy with his witty, creative insight, and love of fine designers with the tracks like Don’t Wanna Brag when he spits “Its always greener on the other side/ how you know you can’t do it if you never tried?” This kid is the full package will leave you on repeat for a few days.


Ground Up

All in all, this kid bars, and in a lot of different angles. On Exing he describes the classic case of not being able to close your ex out of your life; he spits “She got a new boyfriend, but we still sexing. She don’t call me as much, but we still texting. My shorty with the bubble butt, butterflies bubble up in the gut. Fuck the rules, lets make some moves”.

On his growth, he spits “I used to feel the pressure, but now I’m just impressive/ king size bed, a couple thousand on the dresser”. On his confidence, “Lil nigga I don’t wanna brag, but these bitches don’t know how to act when they see the swag”. And on his lifestyle, “Talkin bout when he go shopping it’s Brooks Brothers, Ralph, and Hugo Bosses”

Sir Michael makes sure his partner Chuck Inglish gets a shout out as well as he produces the first track titled Hate Me Too; he’s featured as Sir Charles and reminds the audience where it all started — “The Cool Kids you know?/ The livest most polished rap show on the road”


“Download the project here. And be on the look out for the Cool Kids in SF, and their new album When Fish Ride Bicycles that’s sure to drop this summer.

[audio:/files/2011/05/07-Sunshine-1.mp3] “Sunshine”