It’s officially tour season in the City, and this Friday make sure you have a ticket to the Jet Life Tour at the Regency Ballroom — headlined by Curren$y, a New Orleans rapper who’s dominated the undgerground hip-hop game since 2008.


Curren$y “Airborne Aquarium”

The buzz he created through several mixtape releases helped Curren$y earn a spot on XXL’s 2009 Freshmen cover, and with two albums released in 2010, Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk 2, not much has changed for the hardworking rapper except the size of his loyal fan base.

Curren$y has continued his own trend of hard work in 2011, dropping two projects, Return to the Winners Circle in January and Covert Coup on April 20th, which was produced entirely by world renown hip-hop producer Alchemist. Both projects are available for download free online.

As a rapper, Curren$y’s greatest asset is his delivery, the way his pinched, nasal Louisiana drawl slithers its way through the track. But he’s also great at coming up with sharp, unexpected ways to address standard rap topics. On his weed-smoking capacity: “The toxic air that I’m breathing would leave a average man weakened.” On his own charisma: “If you looking for that nigga, I is him/ All eyes in this direction/ A burden and a blessing.” On his home life: “White carpets in my Scarfacehouse/ No undergarments on my Scarface spouse.” On how high he is right this second: “Playa all Himalaya-ish.” His lyrics are full of slick little tricks like these, tiny turns of phrase that sneak up on you after multiple listens but which dazzle in their economy when you parse them out.


Curren$y “Ventilation”

Those unfamiliar with the rapper need look no farther than these two mixtapes, as the display Curren$y’s lyrical ability. Curren$y will be joined by the other members of Jet Life international, Fiend, Trademark the Skydiver, Corner Boy P, Young Roddy, and Nesby Phips at the Regency Ballroom. Tickets are $16 available here.


Curren$y “#JetsGo”

Curren$y let Covert Coup out into the world on 4/20, a fun but unnecessary attention-grabbing stunt. There’s plenty of zoned-out atmosphere on the tape, but it’s a strong, focused, unified piece of work, not just a lava-lamp soundtrack. It stands on its own.