One of the ultimate comfort foods is a good grilled cheese sandwich. And while they may not be difficult to make, they are hard to perfect.

Many restaurants in San Francisco actually offer their own take on the American classic. But for those looking to grab a quick bite at lunch, there is a new option: the Toasty Melts Truck.

The Godfather

Started by Alex Rando and Tiffany Lam, the truck made its debut this past weekend at the Benny Gold store launch and in Dolores Park.

At the truck’s opening on Saturday, they had two sandwich options: the classic 3-cheese with gouda, cheddar and jack and the Godfather with basil aioli, Zoe’s prosciutto and mozzarella. They also offer a soup and will have more sandwich options available on their menu.

Rando said they will be participating in Off the Grid events and traveling to different parts of San Francisco, pending permits. He said they will also be taking the truck to the Peninsula and South Bay.

You can follow the truck on Twitter (@Toastymelts) or on their Facebook page to find out their exact location.

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