Will a parent’s right to circumcise their male children be taken away from them in San Francisco irregardless of religious beliefs or personal preferences (with the only exception being a clear and immediate medical need)? If Lloyd Schofield has anything to do with it – then yes.

Schofield has launched a concerted campaign against circumcision for males under the age of 18. The movement’s motto is “Intact Genitals are a Human Right”. After first the proposed ban seemed like one of San Francisco’s kooky ideas that wasn’t going to gain any steam, but now it looks like Schofield has garnered enough signatures via petition to get the anti-circumcision measure put on the November ballot.

He collected 12,250 signatures; the required amount is 7,168 from registered SF-residents. And he made today’s 5pm deadline. The Department of Elections now has 30-days to review the petition.

And while the chances are nil that the measure would be upheld even if it was passed by voters as it clearly violates the First Amendment, i.e. the freedom of religion, it has gotten people talking. And the results are a bit surprising.

A recent poll on SF Appeal asking readers that “If The Election Was Today, Would You Vote To Ban All Circumcision For Those Under 18” revealed that a whopping 85% (464 votes) said “Yes, they would favor the ban”. Only 78 voters (14%) said ‘no’.

That is shocking.

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