The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has passed legislation that would make it easier for urban farmers in the city to sell their own produce.

According to The Bay Citizen, the legislation “enshrines urban farming in San Francisco’s zoning code.” Basically, it allows for these smaller, neighborhood farms to exist in any part of the city as long as they are less than an acre. These farms are also allowed to sell their produce on-site.

The move comes as urban farming seems to be erupting throughout the Bay Area. Recently, some of these local farmers have faced fines for selling their produce.

That includes Brooke Budner and Caitlyn Galloway, who started Little City Gardens on a small plot of land in the Mission. They quickly became known for their “spicy salad mix,” which they sold to places like Bar Tartine. Little did they know that it was actually illegal without a permit from the city.

The Bay Citizen also notes that similar changes could be on the way in Berkeley as well.

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