Pulse critic Matt Forsman weighs in on  Broken Social Scene’s recent performance at The Warfield.

Pulse critic Matt Forsman weighs in on Broken Social Scene’s recent performance at The Warfield:

In somewhat predictable fashion, Broken Social Scene delivered a veritable indie rock symphony when the band was in town last week. Equally unsurprising was a Warfield chock-full of hipsters hungry for Broken Social Scene’s blend of zeal and virtuosity. Said hipsters were in for a treat.

By and large, BSS delivered the goods. It was clear from the outset that the band’s collective heart was in this show from the get go. It knows its audience well. While I was somewhat familiar with BSS, I was unaware that this talented group was in fact a veritable collective of sublime musical talent. But, delivering a sound as complex and rife with depth is no small feat and perhaps it does “take a village.” This village has a rotating population of musicians about 19-members strong.

BSS kicked things off with a rousing and riff laden rendition of “Texico Bitches.” This enthusiastic and frenetic opening was married with numerous musicians darting on and off stage contributing to the general mood of controlled and harmonious chaos. Another standout from early in the set was “7/4 Shoreline,” Inspired by the irregular time signature of 7/4, this solid track kept the audience enraptured.

De facto front man Kevin Drew belted most of the vocals solidly, but he was perhaps upstaged by Lisa Lobsinger who contributed sterling vocals with the poignant “All to All.” This stellar track resonated vividly for seemingly all in attendance and was quite possibly the best song of the evening.