It sounds like the catch for a new game show: quit your job and get $1 million dollars. Unfortunately, this is no game, this the reality of a screwed up transportation authority. BART general manager Dorothy Dugger will resign April 22, and in return she’s going to get a million dollar payout.

Resign…that’s a nice way of saying it. A less tactful way of putting it = she got fired.

According to the SF Appeal, “Under an agreement reached by Dugger and BART’s board of directors, the transit agency will pay her $958,000. That amount includes the $600,000 cost of Dugger’s severance package if she had been terminated, plus $350,000 to “ensure a smooth transition and avoid any litigation between the parties,” BART officials said.”

What? Who gets money for get fired. What kind of topsy-turvy world do we live in where you can fail do to your job correctly, be forced to resign and then get a million dollars (of taxpayers and commuters’ money) for screwing up? I understand that Dugger has been with BART for 19 years, but it still doesn’t make sense.

BART will start looking for a replacement this Thursday and, hopefully, this time when they are negotiating contracts they’ll be smarter. But, don’t bet on it. Bet on BART fees getting raised with poorer service.

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