Friday has arrived! Check our top five picks for the weekend while you count the minutes to happy hour.


The Crystal Method @ Ruby Skye

Although rave culture today differs vastly than it did a dozen years ago, there’s still hasn’t been a better electronic act to define the scene than The Crystal Method. The group’s debut album Vegas changed the music scene with its medley of hip-hop and funk over rock n’ roll beats in 1997, and its musical impact still resonates in many genres today. Read more with our interview with Ken B Jordan.

Matthew Dear @ Mezzanine

Electronic pop, minimal house, acid techno — whatever you want to call it, dance your way out of your constrictions with Mr. Matthew.

More Info.


Chancha Via Circuito @ Tormenta Tropical

This monthly, celebrating all things Latino, returns with Chancha Via Circuitto from Buenos Aires. Look out for “obscure backwoods rhythms” and influences from South American folklore during Chancha’s set, featuring tunes from his new album Rio Arriba!More Info.

Back to the 90s @ 111 Minna

Remember when the economy was great, jobs were abundant, and we discovered a new meaning for “Chronic”? Yeah, the good old days. Escape reality for a few hours with a healthy dose of grunge, hip-hop, and whatever else we used to listen to back then. More info.

Papercuts @ Café du Nord

Mellow it out, and join San Francisco’s own Papercuts, fronted by Jason Robert Quevers, to celebrate the release of Fading Parade, out now on Sub Pop — “meticulously designed pop music, with a fully developed sense of space and a sturdy wall of sound.” An added bonues, Banjo or Freakout opens. More info.