The City Insider reports that San Francisco residents have rated homelessness as the city’s biggest problem. Really? I would have thought it was crime – you know, with the over dozen murders we’ve had this year alone along with the numerous reports of theft and battery. Who are these people?

According to the Chron:

A new Chamber of Commerce poll of 500 registered voters found that residents are still supremely frustrated by homelessness. Pollsters…asked respondents to name the city’s most pressing issue and allowed them to name more than one. Thirty-two percent mentioned homelessness, beating out jobs and the economy (26 percent), the city budget (21 percent), education (21 percent) and Muni (17 percent).

I am really surprised that crime didn’t even make this list, and I wonder where these residents actually lived within the city and what their socio-economic demographics are? And with the SFUSD system being a total crapshot how come education was ranked behind the city budget? I guess if you are wealthy enough to send your children to elite, exorbitantly priced private schools, you don’t really need to bother about the public schools. But the homeless guys you have to walk around on the way to the opera, they are a real problem.

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