State Regulators Call for SmartMeter Opt-Out Plan

California regulators have asked Pacific Gas & Electric to set up a process so its customers can opt out of SmartMeters if they have concerns about the devices’ potential health effects.

California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey said he will ask the utility to develop the proposal over the next two weeks.

Peevey’s announcement came before dozens of people and advocacy groups testified at Thursday’s commission meeting that exposure to radio frequencies and radiation from the wireless electricity and gas meters was harming people’s health.

PG&E maintains that the meters are safe. Other PUC commissioners have said they want to see more research on whether the electronic meter-reading system can impact health.


  1. You folks are lucky to have the ability to opt out. In Texas, we do not have that luxury.

    It’s not the health risk that bother me, it’s the accuracy of the smart meters that has me riled.

    I am an electricity broker, so I speak with hundreds of electricity users every week concerning their bills and charges.

    Some of the inaccuracies I have witnessed have been mind boggling, and it is almost impossible to have it remedied. I have had to contact the local newspaper in order to get the electric companies to even consider making ammends to some clients.

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