After years out of the spotlight, and only a few select shows over the past decade, Lauryn Hill is returning to San Francisco for a show at the Warfield on April 12th before she heads to Coachella. Presale tickets are on sale until 10pm tonight.

Hill achieved tremendous success in the 1990s as a member of The Fugees, and later became one of the only widely recognized female rappers to reach the top of the charts.

She then received a crash course in the perils of the music industry and quickly learned the hard way that with success comes much struggle, both professional and personal. Her relationship with her bandmates became strained, and her solution at the time was to launch a solo career — something that was warmly welcomed by the public, but it did little to settle the beast of celebrity Hill struggled with daily. Though The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill sold over 18 million copies and earned Hill five Grammys, she resolved to drop out of the public eye.

Hill has resurfaced here and there, doing sporadic performances and recording a track or two, but for the most part she has been under the radar for the last twelve years. When tracks do leak and concerts pop up it, seems the public is unforgiving of Hill’s weaker moments. Perhaps unable to forgive her absence or perhaps unable to overlook her questionable etiquette (last-minute cancellations, arriving hours late for performances, mid-song collapses, walk-offs and outbursts). The love affair is long gone.

The fact that we, the insatiable public, aided in the fluctuations in Hill’s career is undeniable. I do not blame her having entirely human reactions to a very inhumane industry, and I also do not envy her position.

Her actions may be questionable but what is irrefutable is her raw talent and passion for her craft. Her voice is incredible and her songwriting is flawless. She is widely influential and indisputably significant. This show has the potential to be great, and I truly hope, for our sake, that it is so we can learn to forgive and make allowances for the lunacy we have created.

Ticket officially go on sale Friday, March 10th at 10am, but you can purchase them now with with the presale password “playdate” HERE, .

Lauryn Hill performs at The Warfield onApril 12th. The show is all ages and tickets start at $59.50.