Have you seen the movie Blue Valentine? If you have, you’d know that it has to be one of the better movies of the year, and one of the most depressing movies of all time.  You may have also noticed a certain song featured in the movie.  The song is called “You and me” by a group named Penny & the Quarters.

The song was recorded as part of a demo sometime in the early 70’s at Harmonic Sounds Studio in Columbus Ohio.  The odd thing about the group is, since coming to notoriety due to Blue Valentine, nobody can actually track down any of the members.  The demo tapes were discovered at an estate sale in 2006 after Harmonic Sounds Studio owner, Clem Price, passed away.  The recordings were given to the archival label, The Numero Group, who released it on a compilation called Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label in 2007.  The label has played the song for more than 100 industry people and nobody can identify the group.   Numero Group has been actively seeking members of the band.  Enjoy the song.