Local electro-pop band The Frail has re-emerged from their year-long hibernation with a new lineup and a brand new EP released on Tricycle Records. Lasers Over Lovers features uptempo, party-driven, straightforward dance tracks characterized by overly catchy, disco-influenced melodies and high-pitched vocals.

Lasers Over Lovers is a paradox. While it maintains a great level of accessibility, a certain element of complexity is also achieved through the band’s use of multifaceted layerings. Lead singer Daniel Lannon has a breathy, falsetto voice that is continuously juxtaposed with low-pitched synthesizers. If Lights and The Postal Service had a music child, this would be it.

What began originally a simple dichotomy of vocals and drums, The Frail recently expanded their lineup, employing the addition of guitarist Robert Pera and bassist Izzy Chavarin. The additional members present yet another layer of depth that is new to the band and achieves the establishment of a fuller, more dynamic sound.

“Can I Keep You” is introduced with a minimal, plucky guitar solo that creates a certain tension for the listener, who waits for Lannon’s milky voice and the rest of the band to come in at any second. The sound jumps back and forth between the minimalism of a percussion and voice dynamic to a more complex, multi-layered party-pleaser. Many of the elements of this song are thematic in the rest of the album. The complexities of The Frail’s sound create a sophisticated element to pop. I imagine this quality of music to have a great potential for wider appeal among all ages

On the 31st of March, The Frail will be playing a FREE show at Amoeba Records in San Francisco.

Check out the photo gallery from the band’s February 4th gig at Rickshaw Stop.