After what they called “an extremely difficult business year,” the owners of the Kasa Indian Eatery franchise have closed the doors on their Marina location.

In an open letter on their website, they said “we learned many lessons from this failure, but thankfully it didn’t bring down our entire business.” They said the Kasa Indian Eatery in the Castro “remains busy” and will be one of their primary focuses in the coming year.

The owners said they had a difficult time attracting enough interest in the Marina location and that they also made their fair share of “rookie mistakes,” including having a space that was too big, too dark of a color scheme and having no TVs in the establishment.

They still have plans to roll out a food truck in the first part of 2011 called “The Kati Roller” along with opening another eatery in a smaller location towards the end of the year.

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Photo Credit: Kasa Indian Eatery, via Facebook.