" Mexican, Columbian Food"

Mr Pollo is one of those rare finds in the city, a true gem. Located in the heart of the Mission, Mr. Pollo is a breed between Mexican and Columbian food, with a Veggie menu that changes daily, and specialties that include empanadas and arepas.

With a space no bigger than a walk-in closet, Mr. Pollo is a true hole in the wall. The prices will literally shock you. The most expensive thing on the menu is the four-course tasting for $15, everything else is under $10. Chef Manny Torres has an unbelievable cooking background, working at Michelin Star restaurants, such as Coi and Quince. His background is showcased at Mr. Pollo, with small plates that are inventive and catered to local and fresh ingredients.

I got the pleasure of speaking with Manny, who gave me some insite to his approach to cooking along with his philosophies on the food-to-consumer experience. He believes quality food shouldn’t have to come at a price– literally a price. Chef Torres feels that everyone deserves to go out, indulge, and most importantly eat delicious food, without being confined to the cost-issues that most 4 or 5 star restaurants present. As a result you get a two hour line every night. ( I suggest going for lunch or at off-times) You are never let down when you come to this little spot.. it is absolutely, without a doubt worth the wait!

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