There’s still time to submit your photos of the Cal Academy. What do you love about the Academy of Sciences? It is the penguins? The Rainforest? Or the Moon Jellies? Just take your best pic and post it on Flickr with the tag “academylovelife”. The deadline is Monday, February 14th.

The Grand Prize winner receives an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo safari at the museum. Plus, winners will be selected for top photos in each of the five categories and win great prizes.


How to Enter

Post your high resolution photograph entries on Flickr and tag your photos “academylovelife” anytime until February 14th, 2011


1. Land life: butterflies, snakes, alligator… all life on land

2. Aquatic life: fish, sea stars, coral… all life underwater

3. Still life: architecture, dioramas, specimens, fossils… all that is inanimate

4. Family life: people at the Academy

5. NightLife: the Academy at night


* Monica Bradley, Scientific American Photo Editor

* Greg Farrington, Academy Executive Director

* David Liittschwager, Natural History Photographer

* Andy Patrick, liveBooks CEO

* Russell Yip, SF Chronicle Photo Editor

For more info, go here.