Word on Polk Street is that a new Reality Show is coming to San Francisco. A full film crew complete with grips, props builder and camera operator setup outside of the Crunch gym housed in the former Alhambra Theater last Saturday. The cameras zoomed in on an average looking, suited man barking into his phone about work issues. Later, a young man in straight legged jeans, snug button-down, Adidas sneakers and a hip satchel feigned to flash his membership key tag for a “Take One” at the front desk.

While Crunch employees refuse to share details about the Reality Show, sources claim the filming was for a pilot and that we can expect to see some familiar faces in the shoot (i.e. gym trainers, members, and employees). When asked about the overall plot of the show, the only information released was that it is in fact a reality show about the gym itself. Gossip in the gym pointed to NBC as the television network behind the production, which has yet to be confirmed.*

While the launch of yet another Reality Series may make your eyes involuntarily roll,  the gym theme is oddly appropriate for encapsulating Reality.  You have the grunting meathead,  the flamboyant gay guy, the former athlete still sporting his college gear (this includes former frat boys), the know it all who is not a trainer, the techie weakling, the flirt, the caked on makeup girl–a microcosm of the Real World, there are bound to be fights, hookups and other drama as most gym rats, like those found at Crunch, comfortably consider this a home away from home.

* Updates to come as soon as available!

Photo Credit: Crunch Fitness

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