Best Taco Truck in Fruitvale: Taqueria Sinaloa

If you like tacos and trucks you have to go down to Fruitvale and taste Taqueria Sinaloa. What’s on a Sinaloa taco ?  It’s two corn tortillas with meat, onions, cilantro, and salsa (not salsa fresca).  It’s usually garnished with a lime wedge, radish slices, jalapenos, and pickled spicy carrots.

You can go with the usual carnitas, which are dripping with flavor. But here you want to get gabeza torta, because they have the best in town, without a doubt! The lengua tacos are very popular here too. Try not to think about the fact that it’s tongue — in fact, don’t look at it.  Just savor it.  It’s very soft and tender, like a long pot roast.

Also, they do catering.  If I ever get married they are totally doing my reception!

For more information on Taqueria Sinaloa click here.

Photo Credit: Alix Lacloche