Ippuku is a great addition to downtown Berkeley ! It’s ideal for drinking and snacking after a long day. It’s different from any other Japanese restaurants in the area, serving the typical sushi.

They serve all kinds of alcohol I never heard about, like Sochu, a nice variation from Sake. Ask the bartender to explain you a little bit about it and guide you in your choice. If you are adventurous and want to try new types of drinks, come here !

Once you have made your choice and had a sip or two, get lost in the beautifully designed menu. Order a few skewers from their choice of yakitori, which are perfectly seasoned and not over sweetened. If you want the whole experience try the whole grilled squid or chicken tartar, a traditional Japanese dish rarely found outside of Japan !

The serving sizes are just right, giving you the chance to taste different things, and coming back for more. Keep some extra space for something sweet. They serve soft serve, so trendy to start 2011 !

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Photo Credit: Alix Lacloche