Menu Reveal: Straw

Much-anticipated carnival-themed Hayes Valley restaurant Straw is set to open on Jan 24th. Yesterday they revealed their menu, and it looks more delectable than imagined.

With creatively imagined (and titled) items like: Big Bertha (maple grits puddding/pecan streusel); Wilbur’s Revival (braised pork hash/creamy grits); and a “carny” sandwich called Boxcar Children (peanut butter satay/jalapeno jam/pork belly) what’s not to get excited about? The entrees are inspired by the street food served at the New Orleans jazz and heritage festival. And the desserts look absolutely inspired – Once You Pop (potato chip cookie ice cream sandwich); Magic Carpet Ride (orange blossom cotton candy); and Simpler Times (corn on the cob gelato lollipops). Yum!

Menu items don’t seem to have been priced out as yet but it looks like it’ll be the same as any fancy sammie joint.

To check out the menu yourself, go here.

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