Slurp! Ramen isn’t just for 2am all-nighters in college. The Chronicle’s Janny Hu traces the history of the quick-cook noodle from its Japanese street food origins to its latest incarnation in high-end dining. So – where is the best place to get your ramen on in the Bay Area?

Hu writes that, “Stalwarts like Santa Ramen in San Mateo and Ramen Halu and Santouka in San Jose remain as popular as ever, but a fresh wave of ramen shops – including those of a more mobile nature – have now joined the fray.

There’s the new Ramen Dojo in San Mateo, focusing on sutamina – spicy – ramen. There’s the farmers’ market staple Hapa Ramen, launched by former Nopa sous chef Richie Nakano; and Ken Ken Ramen, which pops up occasionally in San Francisco’s Mission District.”

Go get your yourself some ramen!

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