When I first read that Philly chef Matt Levin was planning to serve a four-course meal paired with the satanic brew known as Four Loko (a diabolical combo of caffeine, alcohol, and Type II diabetes-inducing amounts of sugar), I thought for sure that it was a joke. It turns out that I was wrong.

As Slashfood reports, “Like many wacky ideas, the Loko dinner began as a joke on Twitter, but 15 minutes later, chef Levin already had 37 would-be RSVPs, reports the Philadelphia City Paper. The beverage faced its first ban in New York last month and may soon follow suit across the country, but Levin had already started stockpiling the drink when he found out it might potentially be gone for good.

What pairs best with Four Loko? Other than Funyuns and Easy Mac? Meat, of course. As in the “BBQ Picnic” featuring Loko pearls and pickled watermelon paired with Lemonade Loko. Then there’s the Morrocan Lamb ‘Sausage and Peppers’ paired with a “Loko Yoko” cocktail. To satisfy your need for sugar and carbs, see the vanilla pain perdu (essentially a New Orleans-style French toast) served with Loko slushy and gelĂ©e paired with a Watermelon Loko. To finish: a Loko PâtĂ© de Fruit (a fancy name for fruit jelly candy) to drink with Fruit Punch Loko.”

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