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New People
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“10/10ths” is a measurement used in motorsport racing describing how hard the driver is pushing their car to the absolute physical limit. At 8 or 9/10ths, the driver is pushing their car extremely hard, but not to the absolute limit of 10/10ths. Pushed any harder and both the car and driver will ultimately lose control.
Are we afraid to fail? Are we afraid to “start the race” within ourselves? How often are we pushing ourselves to 10/10ths in our lives? Do we strive for the win or are do we settle with just being in the race?
“10/10ths” is a true story of dreams, struggles, and unwavering perseverance in grassroots motorsports. The story brings additional insight into the massive BMW community that includes Bimmerfest, Monterey Festorics, BMWCCA autocrossing, and so much more. Follow the journey of a team of everyday individuals, as they build their first BMW M3 racecar from the ground up in only 5 weeks to compete in the United States Touring Car Championship racing series. The trials and tribulations could easily shake the confidence of any competitive race team. This inspiring motorsport documentary is a quest for wins but brings unique life lessons… some harder than others.
This documentary is a collaborative endeavor between Executive Producer Marco Solorio, race team owner Joe Gaffey, and Producer/Publicist Suzette Mariel. “10/10ths” is single handedly crafted by award-winning filmmaker, director, cinematographer, editor, colorist, and music composer, Marco Solorio.


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